Crony capitalism, thy name is Modi regime.

Some time ago I was reading a book titled ‘Unfair Advantage: The Power of Financial Education’, authored by Robert T ...
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stone-pelters of Kashmir

Stone pelting mobs and their stone-age mentality

In this eternally ever changing world, if there is one thing that is absolutely stagnant and refuses to take even ...
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humiliation meted out to Dalits

The Yogi-turned-Bhogi is showing his true colours.

It appears that the leaders of the BJP are implementing the Manusmriti in its letter and spirit. There are news ...
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Manusmriti-the root cause of discrimination in Indian society.

Dehumanizing the Humans – The Manusmriti Style

Some time ago, while I was casually browsing through the YouTube videos, I stumbled upon a video in which a ...
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May Day

My May Day Musings

The legendary Telugu poet, Sri Sri, aptly caught the essence of human history when he wrote: ఏ దేశ చరిత్ర చూసినా ...
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Can Universal Basic Income (UBI) solve automation-led unemployment?

According to reports, Cognizant, the multinational IT giant which has major operations in India, is likely to lay off more ...
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public transportation

Promote public transportation, not private vehicles.

When you get on an Indian road it becomes all too apparent as to how deeply the economic disparities are ...
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Classrooms are the best launch pads to create a digitally inclusive society.

Where technology is adopted, there the development dwells. The Internet, being an epitome of a disruptive technology, touched every walk ...
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First they ask for cash and then reluctantly swipe your card.

My five-year-old daughter has been asking me to get her a toy scooter for a long time. I wanted to ...
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When will the ‘mango man’ get his share of the nation’s wealth?

While the world moves on, change is the only thing that appears constant. However, there are some things which seem ...
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