Kancha Ilaiah has the right to freedom of expression.

Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd has emerged as the most prominent antagonist of the Hindutva forces in the country. Ilaiah, a political ...
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Now the Government Officials can Indulge in Corruption with Impunity.

If someone asks you, who are the blood sucking parasites that thrive on the poor people in the country, what ...
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Gauri Lankesh-another dissenting voice silenced.

Gauri Lankesh – Another Dissenting Voice Silenced.

The well-known philosopher, Voltaire, famously pronounced “I don’t agree with what you say but I will defend to the death ...
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Gurmeet Ram Rahim - the rapist godman

The Rakti-filled Godmen and their Fake Bhakti Preachings.

It appears that human lives ceased to have any value in India. In Gorakhpur, more than 60 children got suffocated ...
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Triple Talaq Muslim Women

Put an end to the scourge of Triple Talaq.

In the history of humankind, many things that were discriminatory were passed off as legal, such as apartheid, slavery, and ...
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Children of the poor chock to death in a government hospital.

More than sixty children were suffocated to death in a matter of five days in Baba Raghavdas Medical College Hospital ...
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A country not for poor?

Mahagun Moderne, a plush multi-towered gated community located in Noida, was attacked by a group of people who lived in ...
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Crony capitalism, thy name is Modi regime.

Some time ago I was reading a book titled ‘Unfair Advantage: The Power of Financial Education’, authored by Robert T ...
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stone-pelters of Kashmir

Stone pelting mobs and their stone-age mentality

In this eternally ever changing world, if there is one thing that is absolutely stagnant and refuses to take even ...
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humiliation meted out to Dalits

The Yogi-turned-Bhogi is showing his true colours.

It appears that the leaders of the BJP are implementing the Manusmriti in its letter and spirit. There are news ...
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