Many people underestimate the magnitude of Prime Minister Modi’s demonetization decision. Initially, I felt that it is an astute decision. However, with the passage of time, I realized that it is an extremely risky and courageous decision. You see how people are ganging up against the government’s decision and started talking in the most shameful manner. Terrorists, any how, are feeling paralyzed. Experts opine that most of the terror is financed by fake currency and as a result of the demonetization move, their activities came to a standstill and some semblance of order is restored in Kashmir.

Now the politicians such as Rahul Gandhi, whose party’s successive governments blatantly promoted corruption and black money, started criticizing the government by sighting the reason of public inconvenience. Arvind Kejriwal, in his hunger for power, has gone crazy and started spitting venom in his trademark uncivilized language. He even started spreading falsehood on the floor of the Delhi assembly by blatantly leveling false allegations against none other than the executive head of the country. Mamata Banerjee, whose political comrades were involved in the Sarada chit fund scam, is also going hammer and tongs at Modi government. Akhilesh Yadav, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, has openly advocated for black money circulation by stating that it in fact aided our country in sailing through the recession. If we closely observe their statements, it is clear that they are certainly losing something from this decision to demonetize. So after terrorists, politicians are the worst hit.

Now the media is slowly jumping on the bandwagon of opposing the demonetization decision. It is an open secret that in India most of the media houses are owned by either politicians or the big businessmen who have political affiliations. They are working overtime to spread rumors with an evil intention to stoke unrest in the country. These politicians and businessmen, who have unaccounted money, feel threatened by Modi’s fight against black money. Please note that when I say politicians and media, I’m not referring to each and every politician and scribe. Not every politician is opposing the measures to curb black money. There are some, like Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, who, in spite of being a diehard opponent of Prime Minister Modi, has supported the demonetization decision. Even a section of the media is supportive of the decision and exhorting to the people about the long term benefits the decision will fetch.

After a long time, India got a leader who is taking some steps, though not adequate, to eradicate black money from the system. If the people, especially the toiling masses, don’t stand solidly behind him and support his efforts wholeheartedly, they will be the losers. If we the commoners get obsessed with the inconvenience we face at the banks and ATMs or with the temporary cash crunch and join forces with the deadly trio, namely, terrorists, politicians and the media, we will lose once in a lifetime opportunity to get rid of corruption and we may not get a second chance.

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