Those who called for ‘Bharat Bandh’ against demonetization are evil personified.

If there is one great thing the people of post independent India have done, it is electing Narendra Modi as ...
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The myopic opposition walks into Modi’s binary trap.

Ever wondered what is Prime Minister Modi’s strength? It is none other than his blind and myopic detractors. They simply ...
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It appears that post demonetization, terrorists, politicians and the media are the worst hit.

Many people underestimate the magnitude of Prime Minister Modi’s demonetization decision. Initially, I felt that it is an astute decision ...
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Dear liberals, don’t cry over Trump’s victory. It was destined to happen.

They accused him of being a racist, islamophobe, xenophobe, male chauvinist pig, and what not. Media, which did not hide ...
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Donald Trump may still spring a surprise.

The people of the United States will, on November 8, 2016, enter the polling booths to exercise their franchise to ...
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How to whether the toxic storm cooked up by Pakistan in Kashmir?

Kashmir has once again started burning. The unceasing unrest in one of the most beautiful places in the world has ...
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Are we on the way to a “Congress Mukt Bharat”?

The Indian National Congress (INC), popularly known as Congress Party, which claims to have made India free from the British ...
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Owaisis of AIMIM will only get progressively audacious.

Those people who know about Owaisis, the leaders of All India Majis-e-Ittehad-ul Muslimeen (AIMIM), did not feel surprised when one ...
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Is Kanhaiya A Messiah Of ‘Azadi’ Or A Typical Commie Lout?

Well, he became the new darling and poster boy of a section of the media and politicians. They wanted to ...
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An unknown protester showed exemplary courage to halt the onward march of PLA tanks at Tiananmen Square. The iconic image is a testimony on the Commie repression and how pro-democracy protestors stood against it. Kanhaiya Kumar of JNU should know that his ideology uses battle tanks against students.

When did Kanhaiya Kumar forget the ‘Tank Man’ of Tiananmen Square? The irony is, all the Hindu haters, of late, are obsessed with ‘Kanhaiya’ and ceaselessly chanting his name, which ...
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