Well, I did not meditate under any Peepal tree, but still attained enlightenment. Not in any spiritual way but in a ‘derisive’ materialistic way as I kept on drifting towards more and more godlessness. Now you may ask what the findings of my enlightenment are. There are three ultimate truthsRead More →

Indian and Chines soldiers

They jostled, threw stones, and issued threats against each other but not even a single shot was fired. Asia’s two nuclear neighbors, India and China, managed their border dispute well and in a responsible manner. Though China indulged in a lot of sabre-rattling to force India to withdraw, India exercisedRead More →

The ideological struggle has never been as intense as it is now. The educated people are using each and every medium to further their ideological leanings. They are writing articles in newspapers, putting forth their views in television programmes in a very assertive and forceful manner, blogging their ideas andRead More →