Beware! I'm the daughter-in-law of Indira Gandhi.

Beware! I’m the daughter-in-law of Indira Gandhi.

Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Vadra Gandhi etcetera. The ruling dynasty or the royal family, whichever way you call them, managed to flourish in India even after it became a democracy. They say, in a democracy, the voice of the people is akin to the voice of the God (Vox populi, vox Dei).  But democracy in a country works well and gets strengthened, only if its people are well educated and enlightened. In a country where a large number of people are either illiterates or functionally illiterates, the dynasty politics certainly thrive. Today the dynasty controls a whole political party and they strongly feel that the party, if not the whole country, is their personal property.

During their sixty years of rule, the dynasty has faced many corruption allegations. But they and their cronies were so strong that they could easily get away without any penal action. However, the case involving the illegal takeover of the assets of the now-defunct National Herald newspaper appears to be heralding trouble for the dynasty.

graphicsNHThe scion of the dynasty Rahul Gandhi and his mother Sonia Gandhi could have barely expected that their efforts to siphon off more than 2,000 crore worth assets of National Herald would boomerang on them. But why do they feel that fear? After all, they always felt that the party and the country are their personal properties. They can do anything and can easily get away. But they might have forgotten the fact that in a democracy people slowly get educated and their thoughts slowly get evolved and as a result, power may not be with them forever, and someday someone would definitely challenge their illegal activities and could drag them to a court of law.

sonia-graphicIt is Mr. Subramaniyan Swamy, whom everybody thought a maverick and called as ‘Susu Swamy’ in a disparaging manner on the social media, who is proving to be their nemesis. He not only dug deeper into the National Herald case but also managed to expose the first family’s fraudulent intentions. When Swamy raised the issue for the first time in 2012, most of the press people and the so-called intellectuals made fun of him and refused to take him seriously. But as the time passed on, people started comprehending the enormity of the case and started grudgingly acknowledge the unrelenting hard work he had done in pursuing the case. Today we can easily compare Mr. Swamy with the Biblical King David of Israel, who could muster up enough courage to stand up to the might of Goliath.

A valiant effort by Shri. Subramaniyam Swamy, whose fight could well be compared with the Biblical David's courage to take on the might of Goliath, should be appreciated by all the right thinking Indians.

The valiant effort by Shri. Subramaniyan Swamy, whose fight could well be compared with the Biblical David’s courage to take on the might of Goliath, should be appreciated by all the right thinking Indians.

Mr. Subramanian Swamy had filed a complaint in a trial court in 2012 alleging that Sonia Gandhi and Her son, Rahul Gandhi, adapted illegal means to acquire the valuable properties of the National Herald. The trial court felt that there is prima facie evidence against the mother-son duo and summoned them to appear before it. However, the arrogant mother-son duo, instead of appearing in front of the court, knocked at the doors of the Delhi High Court seeking a stay on the summons issued by the trial court. The High Court, in its decision, dismissed their plea to quash the summons issued by the trial court, necessitating them to honour the summons. It is exactly at that time the mother-son duo and their cronies sensed that the situation has turned ominous and they could very well end up behind bars.

The words uttered by the members of the dynasty clearly show how arrogant they are.

The words uttered by the members of the dynasty clearly show how arrogant they are. Courtesy: Sandeep Adhwaryu

They felt besieged, and not knowing how to escape unscathed, they formulated an evil plan. As part of the well-orchestrated plan, Sonia, in a very combative tone, reminded the government that she is the daughter-in-law of Indira Gandhi (who is notorious for being the India’s Hitler) and she is not afraid of anyone.  Perhaps she would have done better if she had also reminded the government and the people of the country that she is also the daughter of a Nazi soldier who was also a loyal member of Benito Mussolini’s National Fascist Party. Her son, Rahul Gandhi, in an equally vociferous manner, stated that the government is indulging in “vendettapolitics. They have pressed all their strategic assets, including their party and the media, into service to shield themselves.

The Congress MPs started stalling the proceedings of the parliament, and the media, which is ever-ready to conduct trials on other corruption cases, refrained itself from digging deeper into the case and maintained a deafening and strategic silence to save the first family, which happens to be their one-time patron. They are, as part of their diversionary tactic, reporting the whole issue as a political struggle between the ruling party and the opposition.

This cartoon cogently explains their real intentions behind issuing threats. Courtesy: Manjul FB Page

This cartoon cogently explains their real intentions behind issuing threats. Courtesy: Manjul FB Page

Before leveling the allegations of “vendetta” politics against the ruling party, the mother-son duo  and their cronies might have conveniently forgotten the fact that Mr. Swamy filed the case in 2012, that too when the Congress was in power. When Mr. Swamy filed the case he was not even a member of the BJP.  No government agencies like CBI or the ED were involved in the case and it was the trial court that summoned them and the high court which quashed their petition against trial court’s summons. So alleging vendetta politics implies that the judiciary, which in fact is an independent institution, is part of the politics and the court judgments that went against them are all part of the “vendetta” politics. This is nothing but contempt of court and this kind of statements may well herald more trouble for the mother-son duo.

The sweeping and explicit remarks made by the Delhi High Court.

In the Delhi High Court order of the National Herald case, the judge makes some sweeping and explicit remarks against the petitioners (Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi).

The worst part of the entire episode is the disruption of the parliament by the Congress members, especially at a time when some of the crucial legislations like GST bill are waiting for the parliament’s approval. Their behavior in the parliament makes it amply clear that they are not at all concerned about the national interest and their only concern is protecting the interests of the dynasty. Instead of fighting a court case legally in a courtroom, they dragged it into the parliament and started blackmailing the government. The Congress Party and its owners have to realize the fact that the court cases have to be fought in law courts and they can’t convert the parliament into a battle ground to escape unscathed from the law.

The ruling BJP, in a sharp rebuttal to Sonia Gandhi’s comment that she is not scared of anyone as she is Indira Gandhi’s daughter-in-law, stated that…

Law is not concerned with who is whose daughter-in-law, or who is whose son-in-law. India of 2015 is not India of 1967. Sonia Gandhi is not Indira Gandhi.

So the actions of the mother-son duo are not only utterly disgraceful but grossly arrogant. If the dynasty and their cronies don’t mend their ways and don’t stop holding the parliament to ransom just to fulfill their narrow self-interest, the educated and enlightened people of the country will never forgive them and they will be made to pay a heavy price for their actions.

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