Ever wondered what is Prime Minister Modi’s strength?
It is none other than his blind and myopic detractors. They simply can’t resist their temptation to blindly oppose him. Whatever he does, whether good or bad, they immediately start feeling insecure and compulsively raise an uproar and rush forward to oppose his decisions tooth and nail. The actions of the opposition and Modi’s reaction to them invariably create a situation where people have to side with either of them. The fight, within no time, gets transformed into a struggle between the right-wing ideology, which Modi represents, and the opposition, which, to a great extent leans towards the left. And, Modi, being an astute politician, transforms the situation into a binary choice, laying a binary trap for his detractors.

The binary is “if you are not opposed to demonetization, you side with black money hoarders”. So if you oppose PM Modi’s measures to unearth black money your motives are automatically branded as black money friendly and therefore anti-poor and pro-rich. If you have closely been following the public speeches delivered by Modi after his demonetization announcement, you would know that he has given enough indications of his intention to transform the struggle into a kind of class war, where the poor suspect the rich. In one speech he stated that “after demonetization, the poor are enjoying a sound sleep while rich are running from pillar to post to buy sleeping pills.” There are indications that a large chunk of the poor and lower-middle class started feeling that Modi is actually batting for them and it is their responsibility to stand solidly behind him. This is happening in spite of the fact that the people are subjected to a lot of inconvenience, and in many cases they are even facing livelihood problems.

However, the opposition ‘netas’, as usual, are blissfully unaware of the evolving ‘binary choice’ situation and going hammer and tongs against him. They did it previously and bit the dust. And they, being myopic, appear to be heading towards repeating the same mistake. As of now, their voices are heard. Even a large section of the media, which is full of left liberals, are lending credence to their propaganda by showing the footage of long queues in front of the banks. However, these queues are not going to be serpentine forever. They already started getting shorter and a slew of measures being taken by the government will further shorten them, leading to the restoration of normalcy. Then what? By that time Modi will pompously declare victory over the black money and may even announce some more measures to strengthen his claim of being the sole champion of the poor and the marginalized. Some clever politicians such as Nitish Kumar, Naveen Patnaik and Chandrababu Naidu saved their skin by resisting the temptation of criticizing Modi. What about the others? Will they be able to save themselves from being branded as black money friendly, anti-poor and pro-rich?

To conclude, the myopic opposition, which has a short memory of its previous setbacks, has once again started walking straight into Modi’s well-laid trap. At the end of this entire episode, Modi may emerge as a stronger leader and his measures against black money may end up setting the tone for 2019 general elections.

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