commies and IslamistsWhen Muslim riot mobs went on a rampage protesting against the alleged blasphemous comments made by a so-called Hindu leader against Prophet Mohammad, the Main Stream Media suppressed it. Around two lakh Muslims, who were thoroughly lumpenised, took to streets as part of their pre-planned conspiracy. They pelted stones, set fire to many vehicles and other public properties, looted Hindu homes, molested girls and even burnt down a police station.  But the Main Stream Media kept quiet as if it was a minor incident which did not deserve any mention.

However, they might have forgotten the fact that this is an age of Social Media and any effort to conceal the truth will be exposed by the netizens. The netizens, especially the Facebookers and the Twitterati, started sharing whatever information was available and started exposing the ‘sickulars’, ‘presstitutes’ and the ‘Award Wapsi’ gang. Some news channels like Zee News took the initiative and managed to bring the enormity of the violence to light. Their efforts in unveiling the truth are indeed praiseworthy. Thereafter,  the other channels and newspapers who realized that they may get exposed if they continue to maintain silence over the issue, started covering the news related to the atrocity, that too in a half-hearted manner.

As far as the quality of the coverage is concerned Zee News, Times Now, NewsX and Sudarshan News stood out. And Times Now’s Arnab Goswami particularly went ballistic against the silence of the Award Wapsi Gang, Sickulars and the Mullas. The people who participated in the debate struggled to withstand Arnab’s onslaught. The Twitterati rallied behind Arnab and perhaps it was the first time on any Indian channel, where Islamic bigots and their political patrons got a thorough dressing down.

Media concealing facts with regard to Radical Islam is not only prevalent in India but also in the west. Even the western media makes every effort to conceal the heinous crimes of Islamists. They tried to conceal the large-scale rapes and molestations the women of Europe are subjected to after the Muslim refugees started invading the continent. Some newspapers are even going to the extent of trashing the victims as Islamophobes and racists. They are not even reporting the exact number of refugees entering Europe.

When it comes to reporting the crimes of Islamists, the Main Stream Media, all over the world, either conceals facts or spreads lies. It appears that there is a hidden agenda behind the behavior of MSM.  The main reason behind MSM’s biased and Jihadophilic behaviour is, a large chunk of it is dominated by the Commies who are well-known Jihadophiles. They, most of the time, work with single-minded devotion. To promote Islamism and brand anyone who questions terror as an islamophobe or racist. They control the narrative by branding any talk which questions Radical Islam as politically incorrect and dangerous. It is fascinating to know why Commies work overtime to promote Islamism. It is because there are many similarities between Communism and Islamism.

Both are authoritarian and don’t tolerate any dissent.                                                       Both indulge in violence against anyone who questions them.                                         Both try to spread their ideology through forceful means.                                           Both are apocalyptic and want to put an end to the world if the world does not fall into their line.

As there are many similarities between them, the Islamists and the Commies always pimp each other and march forward hand in glove. The people all over the world understood the hypocrisy and violence of the Commies. Perhaps that is the reason Commies are driven away by the people from almost all parts of the world. However, they haven’t yet given up and now their only hope is Islamism. Once Islamists start dominating the world and establish their ‘Caliphate’, Commies hope to enjoy some power by playing second fiddle to them.

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