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privacy in the digital age

Privacy is a mere mirage in this ultra-connected world.

There are many critics who opine that the biometric enabled Aadhaar empowers the government to conduct mass surveillance on its ...
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Human cognition and non-vegetarian food.

On a Sunday afternoon, my wife was preparing a non-vegetarian dish and the spicy aroma had filled the air. My ...
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Texting sends penmanship packing.

Gone are the days when the people would use pens to put their thoughts to paper. They would write long ...
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vitality air

Buying Kinley? Now get ready to buy ‘Vitality Air’.

Well, there is a jocular saying, which I bumped into some time ago while browsing the internet. It is, “all my life ...
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Reading Kalidasa on Kindle: an amalgam of old and new.

Reading is to the mind... Reading is the most productive and purposeful habit one can cultivate. Joseph Addison, an English ...
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My Dad’s Bicycle.

It was around thirty years ago, when I was in Std V, my dad, who would usually walk home from ...
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Toxic air is triggering drastic measures.

The level of pollution in many Indian cities, especially Delhi, has shot up in such a way that it has ...
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Humanity may one day be forced to get back to the primitive way of life.

In the 21st century, everything is a rat race, everything is a competition, and everybody tries to establish his or ...
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Is antibiotic resistance an impending apocalypse?

What is it that we the humans dread the most? It is none other than death. Because we don’t know ...
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