Terrorists struck once again. This time they targetted Brussels, the capital of Belgium. The Islamic State aka ISIS, an obnoxious terror organization, which has been indulging in mind-numbing crimes against humanity, claimed responsibility for the attacks. It appears that the Islamist terror will never cease to persist. It is going to stay put on the mother earth for eternity and keep haunting the humankind, pushing innocents into the terror hellhole at frequent intervals. Why the Islamists are going on a rampage like never before, killing and maiming innocent civilians, including Muslims, in different parts of the world? What do they want to achieve and when will this bloodbath cease?

When we use the word ‘Muslims’ we feel that we are referring to a homogeneous group of people who sport long beards, wear skull caps, dress differently and make every attempt to maintain their separate identity. Well, that is not entirely true. If we delve deep into Islam and its history, we come to know that there are multiple sects, doctrines, movements, ideologies and schools of thought in Islam.

What do Islamist terrorists, led by the ISIS want to achieve?  

If we closely analyze the Islamist terror, we come to know that they are fighting to achieve two goals.
To establish the purest form of Islam in the world                                             and to make that purest form of Islam to dominate the world.
Now, what is the purest form of Islam? We all know that there are two main sects of Islam, the Sunnis and the Shias. Both the sects aid and abet terror and use it as an instrument to promote Islam with an intention to gain political influence. However, Sunni extremism is widely prevalent and appears to pose a greater danger to peace and stability in the world. A dreaded Shia terrorist group called ‘Hizbollah’, patronized by Iran, is very active in Lebanon and poses a security threat to Israel. However, the Shia terror can’t match the outreach of Sunni terror. The greatest and gravest danger to humankind is from the Sunni Islamic terror. But not every Sunni Muslim group or movement poses a danger to the world peace. There is a movement which was brought into being in Saudi Arabia, but thriving all across the world at a rapid pace, poses the real danger to the world peace and that is Wahhabism.

What is Wahhabism?

Wahhabism is a violent Sunni Islamic movement which has its roots in ‘Salafism’. If we want to know about Wahhabism, first we need to know ‘Salafism’.
Salafis are the Islamic fundamentalists, who believe in a return to the original ways of Islam, as practiced by the first three generations of Muslims, starting with the companions of the Prophet.

Wahhabism was founded by a Sunni Muslim theologian by name Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab. He was from Nejd, a region in Saudi Arabia. He advocated the purification of Islam and believed that the only way to purify Islam is to go back to the original principles of the religion. He advised his followers to emulate ‘Salafs’. So Wahhab was essentially advocating ‘Salafism’. Maybe that is the reason behind many writers preferring to use the two terms interchangeably.

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The founder of Wahhabism, Al-Wahhab, denounced many practices like honoring the dead and paying homage to saints and angels. He even opposed Muslims visiting the holy prophet’s grave and celebrating his birthday. He argued that the whole of Muslim community must have one leader called ‘Caliph’ and all the Muslims must pledge their loyalty to the leader. And, he demanded strict conformity from his followers with regard to the principles he propagated. Anyone who failed to comply with the principles would invite the wrath of the Wahhabists. In one of his books he wrote, “Those who would not conform to this view should be killed, their wives and daughters violated, and their possessions confiscated.”

So the above statement reflects the mindset of Wahhab. Accusing someone of indulging in blasphemy and beheading him itself is heinous, and targeting their wives and daughters and violating them for the so-called offenses committed by men is a mind-numbing atrocity. The unimaginably atrocious sex offenses committed by ISIS are undoubtedly inspired by the Wahhabist thought.

There is another thing which Wahhab was well-known for, and that was popularizing an Islamic doctrine called ‘Takfir’, under which a Sunni Muslim can accuse his fellow Muslim as being a Kafir (infidel) and get him either beheaded or excommunicated from the Muslim community. The Wahhabists, who are considered to be puritanical, widely use this doctrine called ‘Takfir’ against the liberal Muslims, who question any Islamic doctrines or practices. In many countries like Saudi Arabia, which are considered to be the strongholds of Wahhabism, the blasphemy laws are very strict. According to ‘Sharia’ law, a Muslim who is accused of ‘Takfir’, a form of apostasy, is punishable by death. The doctrine of ‘Takfir’ was also used as an instrument of state terror to suppress the people who resisted the oppressive regimes in Saudi Arabia. Abd al-Aziz Ibn Muhammad, the son and successor of Ibn Saud, the founder of ‘House of Saud’, the royal family that ruled Saudi Arabia, used ‘Takfir’ to justify the mass slaughter of resistant populations in his kingdom.

Wahhabis, who strongly feel that they practice the purest form of Islam and therefore real Muslims, hate Shias and many other Muslim sects and nationalities like Sufis, Kurds and Yezidis.  In many countries, Sunni Wahhabists bomb the mosques of Shias and other sects to kill the worshippers. Many people wonder why Muslims kill their fellow Muslims in the name of religion. The reason for the violence in the Muslim world is the establishment of the purest form of Islam, that is Sunni Wahhabism, and they want to attain their goal through physically eliminating the Muslims who don’t follow Sunni Wahhabism. There are numerous terror organizations, which proclaim their allegiance to Wahhabism, including the ISIS, Al-Qaeda and Boko Haram, which are trying hard to forcefully establish the purest form of Islam (Sunni Wahhabism) all over the world, and to achieve their goal they transformed many Islamic countries into virtual killing fields.

As has already been stated in the initial paragraphs of this article, these Wahhabists have another goal too. They want to establish the dominance of Islam all across the world. The progress towards the achievement of both the goals appears to be happening simultaneously. On the one hand, the Wahhabist ideology is growing at a rapid pace. Many ordinary Muslims, who prefer to denounce ISIS in front of cameras, are actually inwardly appreciative of their atrocities.

The mushrooming of terror organizations, who announce their allegiance to Wahhabist doctrine, is a cause of concern all over the world. If you feel that only Wahhabism poses a threat to the world peace, you are gravely mistaken. Even the other sects like ‘Deobandis’, who are based at the largest Islamic seminary in India called ‘Darul Uloom Deoband’, don’t want to be left behind in this race to transform the world into a ‘Dar al-Islam’. According to daily mail, the ‘Deobandi’ movement has half of British mosques under its control and a leading Deobandi imam in the UK preaches anti-Semitism and calls on Muslims to “shed blood for Allah”.

Will the Islamist terror trigger the Clash of Civilizations? 

On the one hand, efforts are in full swing to establish the purest form of Islam, and on the other hand, the efforts for establishing the dominance of Islam all across the world are also in full swing. The Muslim mass migration to Europe, which has been happening in the garb of asylum seeking, is expected to bring about unprecedented demographic changes in the continent. The very high birth rate among Muslims and the rampant conversions into Islam from other religions will eventually create instability and unrest in the world. The Wahhabi Islamists, to achieve their twin goals, resort to violence. Just like they bomb the non-Wahhabi mosques, they also launch attacks on other ‘Kafirs’ (infidels) like Christians, Jews and Hindus with an intention to establish Wahhabi dominance all over the world.

The problems with Wahhabi-inspired Islamist terror is, their organizations keep multiplying and even if the world, through its concerted effort, manages to destroy a Wahhabi terror organization, it will only be replaced by a more brutal, mind-numbingly atrocious organization. That’s what the history says. After Mujahideen got weakened, Taliban and Al-Qaida took its place. After both those terror organizations became weak, ISIS took their place. Even if the world manages to destroy the Islamic State aka ISIS, it will only be replaced by a more obnoxious terror organization. Perhaps that is the reason the world leaders appear to be helpless and are taking more than adequate care not to offend Islam and Muslims in spite of the ceaseless terror attacks. They even shy away from prefixing the word ‘Islamic’ to ‘terror’. Such is the dread felt by the world community towards the Islamist terror led by the ISIS and other similar groups.

When India was at the receiving end of the Islamist terror, the western media would call terrorists as mere ‘gunmen’ or ‘separatists’ and would pontificate India to enter into negotiations with the ‘gunmen’. But now the western world appears to be facing the same situation.

The moot point is, will the west and the terrorists sit across the negotiating table and bring peace to this world? It is highly unlikely. Because what Wahhabism, represented by the ISIS, wants is a complete dominance of Islam all over the world. It requires the west to close down their Christian missionaries and it also requires the Pope to stop sending his ‘Jesus Salesmen’ all across the world. It requires the west to accept the spiritual, cultural and political supremacy of Islam and agree to play second fiddle to Islamism. Well, will they agree to all these preconditions?

The missionaries have invested billions in converting the native populations of different countries, and being an Abrahamic religion, Christianity also wants to spread throughout the world and establish its cultural and political hegemony all over the world. So in spite of the rampant appeasement of Muslims, the day appears to be not far away when the Christian west will have to set itself at loggerheads with Islamists, and the two Abrahamic religions, in their pursuit of supremacy, will eventually clash against each other, in what will be a ‘Clash of Civilizations’.

Gone are the days when America would carpet bomb the countries which aided terror attacks against its citizens. Now the US is no longer in a position to lead the war on terror, and President Barack Hussain Obama, in a speech delivered to the UN General Assembly, has already declared that “the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam”.  So the world has already got cold feet on facing the growing Islamist terror threat. After each and every terror attack we hear banal and absolutely ridiculous  statements like “Islam is a religion of peace” and “Islam has nothing to do with terror”. But the people who habitually keep making these statements will  be forced to stop them at a certain point. Because the patience of the ordinary people will definitely wear thin at some point in the future and the governments all over the world will be forced to take some drastic action to protect the lives of their citizens. And that is exactly when the Clash of Civilizations will loom large over the world.

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