Well, he became the new darling and poster boy of a section of the media and politicians. They wanted to project him as the new messiah of ‘Azadi’. Commies felt that he is the Kanhaiya, who came to this earth to destroy the demon king Kamsa (read Modi). The hammer and sickle gang also felt that he is the redeemer of the left, which is on the verge of death. Comrade Yechuri hurriedly announced that Kanhaiya will be the star campaigner for the Left in the forthcoming assembly elections in West Bengal and Kerala.

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A section of the media and the politicians, who are not able to shed their perennial hatred against Modi, hailed him as an outstanding orator and started ‘squirming with orgasmic moans’ over his so-called ‘rousing’ speech. So in an essence, they projected Comrade Kanhaiya as the new light and new hope who has the ability to redeem the flagging morale of the Communists in the country.

Comrade Kanhaiya, who is facing the serious charges of sedition, was released on conditional bail by Delhi High Court with a warning that he must restrain himself from indulging in anti-national activities. However, he appears to be not paying any heed to the court’s advice and started behaving like a typical lout he is. In a video that came to light in which Comrade Kanhaiya was seen mocking a  JNU professor Makarand Paranjape, who contested his views on various issues. The way he interacts with his ideological opponents makes it amply clear that he lacks civility. He frequently resorts to sarcasm, discredits his ideological opponents and instigates his supporters to boo his opponents. Here is the video.

Now why he is behaving like a lout? It is because the media and politicians tried to make a hero out of him. He appears to have come to the conclusion that he has indeed become a seasoned politician cum statesman and it is his responsibility to speak about each and everything. He, in one of his speeches delivered on the JNU campus after his release from Tihar, dubbed the Indian army in Kashmir as a band of rapists. His words are really nauseating and he is clearly speaking the language of our enemy country.

Now you might be feeling that this man, who started preaching all the Indians, is an embodiment of goodness. If you are thinking so, you are utterly mistaken. He is a typical lout, with a penchant for treason, who doesn’t have any civic sense. The things that are coming to light, one after the other, offer a sneak peek into his mind and behavior.

The letter signed by the Chief Proctor imposing fine on Comrade Kanhaiya for misbehaving with one of his fellow female student.

The letter signed by the Chief Proctor imposing fine on Comrade Kanhaiya for misbehaving with one of his fellow students.

One of the most disgraceful things that came to light about this new messiah of freedom is his misbehaviour with one of his fellow students (female) on the JNU campus. The incident dates back to June 10, 2015. On that day, the Comrade was seen urinating on a road next to his hostel in spite of having access to the toilet. Now we all know who pees on roadsides. Only a person who is either an illiterate or a half-literate, who lacks any civic sense can only resort to such a disgraceful act. Peeing in pubic, which involves exposing one’s private parts, that too on a university campus, is indeed a disgraceful act.  The girl student rightly objected to his behaviour. And you know what the comrade had done? He reacted furiously and threatened his fellow student with the expressions ‘Psycho Mental’ and ‘Main Tujhe Dekh Lunga’. The female student lodged a complaint with the university authorities and the Chief Proctor, after investigation, found that Comrade Kanhaiya indeed misbehaved with his fellow student and imposed a penalty of Rs. 3,000  on him for the offence.

In yet another video that recently came to light, Comrade Kanhaiya was actually seen trying to stop a person who was video recording the proceedings of pro-Afzal, anti-India event. So the Comrade was instrumental in saving the anti-India protestors. Now the media will say that even this video is doctored. The same media says that out of seven videos that were sent to a forensic laboratory, two were found to be doctored. Now, what does it imply? The remaining five were found to be genuine. A person with a minimum amount of common sense can comprehend this logic but the media and the politicians pretend to be otherwise.

Irrespective of the kind of relationship they enjoy, the kind of coziness they are demonstrating , that too in a university, is highly questionable.

Irrespective of the kind of relationship they enjoy, the kind of coziness they are demonstrating, that too in a university, is highly questionable.

There is even a photograph that is getting circulated in the social media. The girl (or a woman?) in question is said to be his fellow student. Irrespective of the kind of relationship they enjoy, the coziness they show really makes people feel surprised. They say JNU culture is very superior and it allows students to ask questions and express their dissent. Asking questions is very easy and answering them is very difficult. That is why students, during their examinations, are aked to write answers to some questions… not to aks more questions. Today what is the status of JNU? Around 50 percent of sexual harassment complaints that are lodged from the educational institutions in Delhi are from JNU.

So Comrade Kanhaiya Kumar, whom our media and politicians seek to project as a messiah of freedom and righteousness, is actually a man with suspicious credentials and is indeed a typical Commie lout, who resorts to violence and misbehaves with his fellow students. So we the right thinking Indians must be vigilant of such elements and repulse every attempt to make heroes out of such people.

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