JNU has become a hub for Jihadis and Naxals. This cartoon aptly describes JNU as a Jihadi Naxal University. Cartoon courtesy: Manoj Kureel.

JNU has become a hub of Jihadis and Naxals. This cartoon aptly describes JNU as a ‘Jihadi Naxal University’. Cartoon courtesy: Manoj Kureel.

The people who shouted ‘Bharat Ki Barbadi’ slogans in JNU have actually done a favour to ‘Bharat’ and ‘Bharateeyas’. The wantonly treacherous activities that have been happening for many years in the JNU have at last come to light. The media, which has a responsibility to alert the people about such treachery, was equality treacherous by blocking out the atrocious activities  happening in the JNU for many years. In 2010, Maoists in the JNU celebrated the killing of 76 CRPF jawans in Dantewada, and the atrocious activity was not brought to the notice of the people.

Even now…even after the grossly seditious sloganeering and advocacy of violence to break India, the media and the politicians in our country are not speaking in one voice. They are still in the pursuit of their TRP ratings and vote bank politics. Some politicians like Rahul Gandhi and Sitaram Yechuri visited JNU and further provoked the ‘Jihadi’ thugs and the left wing loonies who indulged in anti-India sloganeering. And what is the result of their actions? The virus spreads to Jadhavpur University in West Bengal. Had the press and the political class in the country condemned the anti-national activities and the advocacy of violence for the balkanization of India, in unequivocal terms, on the very first day of its happening, the thugs would not have been emboldened to continue with their evil deeds.

‘Bharat Ki Barbadi’ virus spreads and the seeds of India’s balkanization are sown. Click To Tweet

Now the nation appears to have been divided. Most of the educated people have taken a stand. They are either with the nationalists who love their country and stand for its unity and integrity or with the Commie and Jihadi traitors, who want to resort to violence for the disintegration of the country. So you are either with India or with the traitors of JNU. There is no middle path. Because a middle path will eventually help and embolden the treacherous thugs and encourages them to go berserk.

The Commie and Jihadi thugs made their stand clear in explicit and unequivocal terms through their slogans.

Afzal Hum Sharminda Hai, Tere Qatil Zinda Hai (Afzal we are ashamed that your killers are still alive)
Bharat Tere Tukde Honge InshaAllah InshaAllah (God willing, India would be destroyed into pieces)

And they are also very clear about the states they want to truncate from India.

“Hum kya chahe – Azadi. Kashmir ki Azadi. Manipur ki Azadi. Nagaland ki Azadi (We demand freedom. Kashmir’s freedom. Manipur’s freedom. Nagaland’s freedom),”

In one of the videos they were even seen shouting ‘Kerala Mange Azadi’.

Now the Commie and Jihadi traitors, even after getting thoroughly exposed for their bare-naked treachery, could muster up enough courage to blatantly and shamelessly defend themselves.  They are not hanging their heads in shame. Instead, they are defending themselves  and are even going on an offensive. And a large section of the agenda-driven Main Stream Media (MSM), which is well-known for its Jihadophilia, is supportive of them in the name of freedom of expression. They are even trying to divert the attention from JNU episode to other things like the lawyers assault on journalists that happened at Patiala House Court. No doubt the action of the lawyers must be condemned by one and all and strict action must be taken against them as per law. But at the same time creating hurdles in the prosecution of the traitors, who indulged in the seditious activities and  thereby provoked people to indulge in violence against the Indian state, is utterly reprehensible.

Many people in the country underestimate the seriousness of the threat posed by the JNU incident. If they have any doubts, they had better take note of the invocation of religion in the slogans.

Naara E Takbeer Allahu Akbar.
Bharat Teri Tukde Honge Insha Allah Insha Allah.

The invocation of religion is indeed ominous and it is part of the global jihad waged against all the ‘Kaafir’ counties for the establishment of ‘Dar-Ul-Islam’, or an ‘Islamic Caliphate’, which they feel will establish the dominance of Islam all over the world. That is their eventual goal. Till some months ago political observers were claiming that the ISIS, the extremely brutal and obnoxious terror organization, could not make entry into India. However, a series of arrests made recently in some Indian cities proved that the ISIS, slowly but steadily, is making its inroads into India.

This cartoon aptly describes how Commies are getting transformed into Islamists.

This cartoon aptly depicts how Commies are getting transformed into Islamists. Courtesy: Ajit Ninan

One more thing all the right thinking Indians must take note of is the ever growing proximity between Communists and Islamists. Commies say ‘religion is the opium of the masses’ and claim themselves to be atheists. However, they don’t leave out any opportunity to pimp the Islamists and their separatist tendencies. So the question many right thinking Indians fail to understand is what exactly is the relationship between the leftists and the Islamists? The same question was asked by the Times Now news anchor, Arnab Goswami, but the Maoist panelist in the News Hour debate, Satinath Sarangi, just mumbled and resorted to personal attack against the anchor. It appears that he doesn’t have any answer to the question.  It is apparent that they both (Communists and Islamist seperatists)  are united by their perennial hatred for the united and prosperous India and they both want to destabilize the country. One more thing people need to understand is, the Commie-Islamist nexus is not only operational in India but all over the world. The commies are extending their support to the jihadis all over the world and whenever and wherever there is an Islamist terrror attack, Commies are the first ones to defend them.

JNU incident heralds an impending disaster for the country. If the Indian state underestimates the enormity of the threat and does not probe the incident with the intensity it deserves and take immediate corrective measures to cleanse the Indian universities from these anti-national elements, no one can save the country from disintegration.

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