In India, when we want to buy a product, we look for some quality certification mark. Whether it is ISI, Hallmark or Agmark, the moment we find them printed on the product, we feel reassured of its quality and buy it without any second thoughts.

JNU Commies Got 'ISI' Quality Certification. Click To Tweet

Now the Commies and Islamists at JNU, who have been fighting for the destruction of the country, must be having some doubts with regard to the quality of their traitorousness and the loudness of their seditious sloganeering. If they have any such doubts, they need no longer worry about it. They received ‘ISI’ quality certification from none other than Hafeez Saeed, a globally designated terrorist. Hafeez Saeed strongly believes that JNU students are Pakistani friends and they need the support of their Paki brethren. So he posted a tweet requesting his fellow Pakis to trend a hashtag to express their solidarity with JNU traitors. The Delhi police, who smelled a larger conspiracy to provoke anti-national sentiments among Indians, promptly issued an alert to the Commies asking them to restrain themselves from carrying out any seditious activities or making traitorous ┬ácomments.

This is an extremely unfortunate situation. We Indians are forced to fight for the dignity of our country and the commie traitors, with the support of Presstitutes and Hafeez Sayeed, are able to sell their seditious filth 24×7 ceaselessly.

Anyhow we should all congratulate the JNU Commies on getting the quality certification from none other than an internationally designated terrorist.

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