The most unfortunate thing that is happening in our country is, there are people, who are working overtime to give legitimacy to treason in the name of freedom of expression. ‘Bharat Ki Barbadi’ ‘Bharat Tere Tukde’ like slogans, in any other country, would have attracted vociferous condemnation from all quarters and the traitors would have been stigmatized by one and all and all the thugs who participated in the treacherous event would have been behind bars. However, in India, that is not the case. Here in India, blatant treachery is termed as mere dissent and the people who indulge in it are hailed as heroes and freedom fighters.

Take the example of Ishrat Jahan. Ishrat was a terrorist associated with Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), who was on a suicide mission to assassinate the then Chief Minister of Gujarat and the incumbent Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. Police, as part of their preemptive action, eliminated her along with three other terrorists.

Ishrat Jahan, the moon-faced ‘Bihar Ki Beti’, was indeed a dreaded terrorist. Click To Tweet

There are many people in our country, who are head over heels in love with terrorists. They can’t simply tolerate anyone being rude towards a terrorist. They even go to the extent of suffixing the names of terrorists with ‘Ji’
Osama Bin Laden ‘Ji’
Afzal Guru ‘Ji’
That is the kind of love and respect they have towards terrorists. Sagarika Ghose, a well-known scribe, famously called Ishrat Jahan as a ‘moon-faced teenager from Mumbra’. A politician hailed her as ‘Bihar Ki Beti’ (of course, he retracted his statement after new evidence against Ishrat came to light).

'Shaheed' Ishrat Jahan terror ambulance.

‘Shaheed’ Ishrat Jahan ambulance – a challenge to the self-esteem of our nation.

For more than a decade these people concealed the truth and peddled lies. They called a dreaded terrorist as an innocent teenager. But when the truth started emerging they lost their faces. However, still there are some people who are shamelessly defending Ishrat. Even now they feel that Ishrat was an innocent girl, who was unjustly killed. CPM leader Brinda Karat even inaugurated an ambulance service in ‘Shaheed’ Ishrat’s memory.

This is indeed an extremely unfortunate situation. The latest revelation that came to light is, P. Chidambaram, who coined the term ‘Saffron Terror’, changed an affidavit with regard to the culpability of Ishrat, with the sole intention of implicating Narendra Modi, who was fast emerging as the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate at that time.

G. K. Pillai, the then home secretary, stated that P. Chidambaram dumped the first affidavit in Ishrat Jahan case, in which Ishrat’s LeT links were clearly stated, and dictated a second affidavit claiming that Ishrat’s LeT links are not clearly proven. Another bureaucrat, R. V. S. Mani, revealed that he was tortured and forced by the then SIT chief to file a false affidavit in Ishrat’s case. Did Chidambaram do all this manipulation on his own? Obviously, he must have received the instructions from Sonia Gandhi. The very fact that some top level bureaucrats were coerced and tortured makes it amply clear that Sonia Gandhi, who ruled the country during the UPA regime through the remote control called Manmohan Singh, maintained a Gestapo-like police wing to force the bureaucrats to do unethical things.

Did the congress party, just to hold on to power and to implicate their political opponents, go to the extent of compromising on national security by terming a band of dreaded terrorists as innocents? If the answer is ‘yes’, it is a heinous crime. For Chidambaram, every terrorist is an innocent and every Hindu is part of ‘Saffron Terror’. All that Chidambaram was doing while he was the Home Minister was shielding terrorists and helping his son accumulate untold wealth all across the world.

The politicians and the media men, who relentlessly peddled lies about the Ishrat Jahan’s so-called fake encounter, caused untold misery to the brave cops PP Pandey, DG Vanzara and Rajendra Kumar, who took preemptive action against the dreaded terrorists and saved the country from an impending disaster. Their careers were ruined and they were arrested and forced to go behind bars. This must be extremely distressing to all those brave cops, who had put their lives under risk to eliminate the LeT terrorists. They actually deserved awards and recognition for their exemplary work. Instead, they received brickbats for doing their duty. This is an extremely unfortunate situation. If the police who do their duty in an honest way are implicated in this manner, they, in future, will be discouraged to take proactive action against the terrorists, which will put the national security in jeopardy.

Of late, we see a definite trend. Terrorists are glorified. Treachery is hailed as dissent. Brave police officers who risk their lives to safeguard the people and the nation are being implicated. Who is responsible for all these atrocities against the nation? Who are the culprits? The culprits are the Congis, the Commies and a large section of the media. Unless until these are eradicated from the country, our nation will continue to face treachery from inside and we don’t need any external enemies at all.

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