The members of the dynasty say they brought freedom and they did everything for India.

There are some politicians who wear ‘Khadi’ and claim that their party made India free from the British colonial rule. The dynasty that has been ruling the country almost since independence with a tag called ‘Gandhi’ has been dethroned and the dynasty crooks, who are habituated to the luxuries of power are not able to digest the truth that they no longer occupy the seats of power and started demonstrating their intolerance for being deprived of power.

They never imagined, even in their wildest dreams, that a tea seller would challenge their hegemony and unseat them from the citadel of power. Even on the day when the Indian citizens gave their verdict (on 16th May 2014), neither the mother-son duo nor their cronies had the decency to congratulate the victor and show grace in their defeat.

Political Chai Modi Style

The ‘chaiwalla’ managed to outsmart the dynasty and put an end to their hegemony.

Even when the ‘chaiwala’ started his journey from Gujarat to Delhi, aspiring for the country’s highest post, they kept on pelting stones at him. But the tea seller outsmarted them by building stairs by using those very stones which were thrown at him, and by using those stairs to reach the highest position. His emergence at the national level posed a challenge to the dynasty that ruled the country for more than half a century. During their rule, they sowed the seeds of poison like corruption, slavery, nepotism, casteism, communalism and what not. Under the protective umbrella of the dynasty, their slaves secured all the plum positions, received most of the so-called prestigious awards, and remained in the limelight by claiming themselves as intellectuals. The dynasty cronies acquired a mafia-like structure and never allowed anyone to challenge their hegemony. Anyone who tried to propose an alternative viewpoint was branded as regressive and intellectually inferior. They managed to sell their lies and biased views just because the average Indian did not speak English and did not have access to technology, and most importantly did not have control over the media.

Slowly but steadily the situation started changing. The emergence of a young, middle class, who are highly educated and well aware of the present day socio-political situation, stopped buying the narrative sold by the dynasty slaves and started thinking independently.  They started selling an alternative narrative embedded in nationalism, which found numerous audience. It is to this community the ‘chaiwala’ appealed to, and they are the ones who brought the tea seller from Gujarat to power.  They are derisively called as ‘Bhakts’ on the social media. Today these highly educated and highly motivated people, who are brimming with confidence and nationalistic feelings, are no longer ready to tolerate any kind of insult to the mother India, and thanks to them  the people who have traitorous attitudes are thinking twice before opening their foul mouths to make anti-national comments.

It is this change in the attitudes of the aspirational middle class, the dynasty and their cronies are not able to digest. The left-liberal cronies, who subscribe to the outdated Nehruvian socialism, particularly hate the non-English speaking ‘chaiwala’ in the position of power.

Well, the dynasty sees a bleak future for itself and their cronies find it increasingly hard to sell their falsified narrative. They both find the writing on the wall that the days of their falsified narrative are numbered.

However, neither the dynasty nor their cronies, who enjoyed the positions of power and amassed incredible wealth, are ready to concede their defeat and willing to give up their privileges and luxuries so easily. So they all ganged up and formulated a master strategy to defame the ‘chaiwala’ and eventually pull down his government.  But, how to defame the tea seller?  These days he is identified with India and its bright future. He is busy selling the idea of a strong and prosperous India. He is trying to instill a new confidence among Indians by saying that India is the emerging superpower and we are all resourceful enough to uplift our mother India and hold our heads high in the world community of nations.


Actor Anupam Kher had set an example for all the Indians to follow.

So they came to the conclusion that if they want to defame the ‘chaiwala’, they have to defame the mother India. That is exactly why they started a well-coordinated and systematic campaign to defame India, and to build a world opinion against India in such a way that the tea seller would step-down from his position and pave the way for the dynasty to retake the power.

So they waited for a window of opportunity and latched on to some stray but unfortunate incidents that happened in those states, which are ruled by the so-called secularists, in spite of the fact that the incidents don’t have anything to do with either the ruling party at the center or their ideological mentors.


The dynasty slaves proved themselves intellectually and morally inferior. Courtesy: Manoj Kureel

The dynasty and their cronies, ably assisted by the media crooks, started a systematic campaign to portray India as an intolerant nation. One after the other, the dynasty crooks, who grabbed the positions of power and awards under the patronage of the dynasty, started an ‘Award Wapsi’ drama to attract the international attention. The dynasty slaves, who don’t deserve the awards in the first place, played victimhood and announced the return of the awards.

These writers and artists, who claim themselves to be the conscience keepers of the society,  did not raise their voice when the dynasty thugs created mayhem on the streets of Delhi in 1984, killing scores of innocent Sikhs.  Thy kept mum when lakhs of Pundit  families were driven away from Kashmir and did not utter even a single word to denounce the atrocity. They did not open their mouths  when the religion-inspired terrorists triggered bomb explosions in Mumbai in 1993 killing more than 250 people. They did not utter even a single word when the same religion-inspired terrorists executed bomb explosions in Mumbai trains in 2006, killing more than 200 people. They just kept quiet when the communal thugs satiated their blood lust once again in Mumbai in 2008 by killing more than 170 innocent civilians.

There are many celebrities, who received the patronage under the regime of the dynasty, felt that the time is ripe for them to repay for what they had received and started paying lip service to the nefarious and obnoxious campaign unleashed by the dynasty, who don’t have even an iota of botheration about the national interest. The history bears ample testimony to the fact that their insatiable hunger for power and illegally amassed wealth can make them go to any extent.

And the most influential celebrities who endorsed the dynasty’s intolerance narrative are the Bollywood Khans-Sharukh Khan and Aamir Khan. They say that they are not happy in India. And now the big question, we the people who love our nation want to ask is, where and in which part of the world ‘Khans’ want to live to feel happy.

The 'Religion of Peace' is on the rampage.

The ‘Religion of Peace’ is on the rampage.

The ‘Khans’ are not happy in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Nigeria,  and for that matter in any  country where the followers of ‘the religion of peace’ are in the majority. However, they are very happy in the US and the Europe, enjoying the welfare benefits extended by the governments over there. They are, most importantly very happy in India, with a separate civil code, subsidized hajj and freedom to run their own institutions. But still they say they are insecure. They became superstars in a country, which is overwhelmingly a Hindu majority state, and amassed incredible wealth and enjoyed tremendous influence. Still they think they are insecure. They make movies which hurt the majoritarian religious beliefs and achieve box office success. Still they think they are insecure. So what is their motive? Do they want to assist the dynasty and their cronies in their effort to manufacture the intolerance narrative, which will eventually pave way for ISIS to set up shops in India and unleash a reign of terror all over the country?

They found that the 'Amar Jawan Jyothi' is against their religion.

They found that the ‘Amar Jawan Jyothi’ is against their religion.

So this is one conspiracy that all the right thinking Indians should strive hard to defeat. Otherwise, a country of one billion people will suffer collateral damage. There are many countries, especially American and European countries, which are witnessing innumerable hate crimes in the aftermath of Paris terror attacks. But their media and the intellectuals are behaving in a matured manner to protect their national interest. We the people of India have to plunge into action and do something to defeat the politically motivated conspiracies to defame the nation. Perhaps the snap deal ‘appwapsi’ is the first step to send a strong signal to the people who have traitorous attitudes.

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