India is More Vulnerable to Coronavirus Crisis

The global spread of coronavirus is looking ominous. If the virus reaches pandemic proportions, it will throw an unprecedented challenge to humanity. The world economy, which is already reeling under a slowdown, may come to a standstill if the virus keeps spreading relentlessly.

Though some suspected coronavirus cases were found in Kerala, India has largely been immune to the virus so far. However, India, being a densely populated country with a pathetic public health system, is far more susceptible to the crisis.

China, where the virus originated, appears to be gaining an upper hand in its fight against the epidemic as its coronavirus case numbers seem to be easing. The virus, however, started spreading to new countries such as South Korea, Iran, and even the United States, causing panic throughout the world.

People are afraid to travel and as a result, the tourism industry is badly hit. The fear of a pandemic is driving the stocks down across the world. Even consumer confidence is badly hit as people started avoiding crowded places such as shopping malls, which is adversely affecting consumption.

The researchers have confirmed the animal origins of the coronavirus, and it is also linked to the unhygienic meat industry. It is indeed unfortunate that people, in their pursuit of taste, are indiscriminately exploiting animals including wildlife. The proliferation of non-vegetarianism has resulted in unmitigable suffering both to animals and humans. The exploitation of animals for their milk and meat is causing them excruciating ordeal. Even the people who consume their meat are falling prey to various deceases such as heart ailments, cancer, and diabetes. Therefore, it’s time people reformed their food habits.

The virus, if keeps spreading ceaselessly, may even make people ditch some old habits such as handshakes or hugs as the virus is said to spread through touch and tidal breath. The epidemic is also creating a lot of demand for masks, gloves and hand sanitizers and many supermarkets are running low on those items.

Researchers suggest that the novel coronavirus becomes increasingly ineffective with a rise in temperature and is more potent in lower temperatures. The onset of summer in India, which causes mercury to rise very high, offers a ray of hope for all of us.

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