modi election

Things To Keep In Mind Before Voting In 2019 Elections

As the elections are around the corner and the nation is gearing itself to cast its votes with an unending ...
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Yet Another New Year

Finally, people bade farewell to 2018 and celebrated the advent of yet another New Year. Many people celebrated the New Year ...
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Sentinelese Can Teach Us A Lot

The Sentinelese, who rarely make news owing to their ultra-primitive and fiercely reclusive nature, made headlines after they killed a ...
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Replace Modinomics with New Deal

These days, we often come across the term ‘Modinomics’ in the mass media. Recently, after the Seoul Peace Prize to ...
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Save the Sanctity of Words

Prime Minister Modi won Seoul Peace Prize 2018. He will be receiving this award for his contribution to high economic ...
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Let’s Strive for an Inclusive Economy

Economics touches every aspect of our lives, yet most of us pay scant attention to it. Paul A. Samuelson, the ...
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democide in tuticorin

The Democide in Tuticorin

The brutal killing of thirteen unarmed civilians in Tuticorin, who were protesting against the toxic Sterlite Copper plant, is extremely ...
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How BJP’s ‘Swadeshi’ morphed into neo-liberalism?

Those were the days when I was living in the famous temple town, Bhadrachalam. I was an undergraduate student in ...
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Nirav Modi

The Tale of Modi Regime: Two Modis and a Mallya.

Now it has completely been proven beyond any iota of doubt that the entire nation is infested with robbers and ...
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Modi’s Davos Speech is Laden with Contradictions

The town of Davos in Swiss Alps hosts the annual World Economic Forum (WEF), which has, over the years, emerged ...
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