If you have closely followed the headline-hitting events in the final month of 2015, you might have felt that somehow the vast majority in India, in spite of the grinding poverty and associated problems, want a lot of drama and the resultant entertainment. And our politicians have succeeded in providing it in a profusion.

The people who are accused of financial fraud posed like freedom fighters. (Image Courtesy: dnaindia.com)

The people who are accused of financial fraud posed like freedom fighters. (Image Courtesy: dnaindia.com)

First, take the instance of the National Herald case. For a common man, a mere lawyer notice itself is enough to send shivers down his spine. But not for ‘Gandhis’. They believe that they still are struggling to make India free from the British colonial rule and thus consider themselves as freedom fighters.  After the Delhi High Court quashed their petition against the summons issued by the Patiala House Court, they, along with their cohorts, planned to make a grand spectacle of what is actually an ignominious event. They stalled the proceedings of parliament and transformed it into an unproductive institution. They, in order to derive some political mileage, planned to march to the court, along with a large number of the lumpenized Youth Congress workers. They even planned not to seek bail and get themselves arrested, with an evil intention to reenact the Anti-Sikh riots that occurred in the aftermath of Indira’s killing. However, they dropped the idea, especially after the petitioner Subramanian Swamy warned them of the consequences, and chose to drive down to court in their cars. They even projected a routine bail as an outright exoneration, and the media, which is drama hungry, gleefully toed their line. And finally what happened? The people who are accused of a massive financial fraud came out as freedom fighters. People derived the entertainment.


It seems Twitter had clamped down on trolls. Why did they leave out this ace troll? (Image Courtesy: PTI)

On 15th December 2015, the CBI sleuths raided the office of one of the senior bureaucrats of the Delhi Chief Minister cum “Anti-Corruption Crusader”, Arvind Kejriwal, against whom some serious corruption allegations are pending. That’s all. Kejri, who is well-known for his thespian talent, mounted a vicious attack on Modi and fought valiantly to shield his corrupt secretary, just like ‘Richard the Lionheart’ fought in the Third Crusade.

With his vicious antics, he successfully deflected the attention from his corrupt official towards Arun Jaitley’s supposed corruption in DDCA, and forced the noted lawyer to knock the doors of Court to file a defamation suit. So the people, once again, derived drama-induced entertainment.

Meanwhile, Modi and his ministers felt that they are losing the plot and started worrying about how to bounce back to the headlines. After all, all the hard work they have been doing like power sector reforms, infrastructure improvement, revitalizing the domestic economy, sanitation, Make in India, etcetera are not able to grab the headlines because they lack the essential ingredient, that is ‘Masala’. So the people want an abundance of ‘Masala’ and they want it through the Main Stream Media (MSM) and even through the social media.


In one stroke he managed to put himself back in the headlines. Photo: Twitter/@PIB_India

So Modi, the camera-friendly Prime Minister, unveiled another drama. He, after inaugurating the Indian sponsored Parliament building and delivering an emotionally charged speech in Kabul, tweeted his decision to touch down in Lahore on his way back to Delhi. He landed in Lahore, hugged his Paki counterpart, wished him a happy birthday, walked hand-in-hand with Mia Sharif, attended his granddaughter’s wedding to bless her and also to receive the blessings of Sharif’s mother. This masterstroke not only hit the headlines of the domestic media, but also the international media. Bravo! All the negative headlines about his government and ministers washed away and the media, once again, started singing paeans of praise for his statesmanship.

With one stroke he managed to dent the antics of his political rivals – the “Anti-Corruption Crusader” Kejri and “India’s mother” Soniamma- and put himself back in headlines. People are entertained. The dramas proved to be the box office successes. People are satisfied and India ‘progressed’. Meanwhile, another drama is slowly unfolding. The advent of the Jungle Raj-II. The latest news is, two engineers in the Lalu-Nitish controlled Bihar have been killed by the same kind of lumpen elements, who operated during the Jungle Raj-I.

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