The people of the United States will, on November 8, 2016, enter the polling booths to exercise their franchise to elect their new president. However, even before the voters cast their ballots the media and the so-called intellectuals have almost declared the result. They say Hillary Clinton will emerge victorious. Their predictions may very well come true, but at the same time, it is too early to write off Donald Trump. The left-leaning media and intellectuals, who profess tolerance, fail to manifest any kind of tolerance towards their political rivals. They are sparing no efforts to demonize Donald Trump just because his opinions don’t comply with their rigid and banal ideology.

Social scientists say that people who live in any democratic society invariably enjoy the freedom of expression. However, it is not always true. People who comply with the popular notions, people who play to the galleries of different pressure groups, people who obfuscate, people who resort to appeasement and most importantly the people who speak ‘politically correct language’ even while hiding their true feelings are the only ones who enjoy the freedom of expression. Others, who don’t speak the politically correct language are demonized and an effort is made to damage their prospects. This is very much evident in the ongoing campaign for the US presidential election.

The people who are celebrating Hillary Clinton’s preconceived victory a little too early should realize the fact that in the upcoming election, neither the newspapers nor the television channels, which are populated by the left-leaning opinion makers will be voting. They will only be raving and ranting from their newsrooms heaping abuse on Trump. It will be the working class, who toil and don’t have many college degrees, who will be coming out in large numbers to cast their ballots. Mind you, it will be a secret ballot. While casting their ballots they need not face any television cameras which may compel them to be apologetic about their voting choice, they need not be politically correct and finally, they need not necessarily comply with the left-liberal ideas which appear to be in vogue now.

As far as the allegations of Donald Trump being a male chauvinist are concerned, Trump only ‘spoke’ what he wanted to speak, but Hillary’s husband, Clinton,‘did’ what he wanted to do. The People of the US might not have forgotten what Bill Clinton had done to Monica Lewinsky when he was in office. Bringing to light age old tapes and thereby accusing someone of demeaning the status of women is sheer mischief and hypocrisy. And the strategy may only backfire. People such as Arnold Schwarzenegger won successive elections in spite of facing many groping allegations.

In summary, those who are making oracular predictions about Hillary Clinton’s victory must realize the fact that the fight is very much on and Trump has the ability to turn the tables. You may wonder why. It is precisely because the entire US, it appears that, is in the grip of fear…the fear that the impending onslaught of the radical Islam may jeopardize their national security and may scuttle their dreams of building a good future for themselves and their children… the fear that the economic slowdown may result in the degeneration of the quality of life that they have hitherto been enjoying.  And the people who are fearful of their future strongly feel that they have, at present, only one redeemer, and he is none other than Donald Trump. So beware! Trump may still spring a surprise.

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