They accused him of being a racist, islamophobe, xenophobe, male chauvinist pig, and what not. Media, which did not hide its loyalty to Hillary Clinton, demonized him. They lined up women, one of them porn stars, to accuse him of misbehaving with them, and they even dug out some old tapes to stigmatize him. The left-leaning media, headed by the New York Times, published editorial columns exhorting the people not to vote for him. They published what they called pre-poll survey results, in which they blissfully predicted Hilary Clinton’s landslide victory and derived great pleasure out of their false predictions. They even went to the extent of frightening the people that if they elect Trump the consequences would be apocalyptic.

In spite of their ‘leave no stone turned’ efforts, Trump triumphed and Hillary humbled. The left liberals, who went all guns blazing against Trump, bit the dust. The scaremongers were overwhelmed. And the people, especially the toiling masses, who are concerned about their nation’s deteriorating economy and the impending danger of radical Islam, showed their anger through ballots and delivered a decisive verdict.

The left-liberals, back in India, made umpteen comparisons between Narendra Modi and Donald Trump. They feel that they both subscribe to similar kind of right-wing ideologies that are equally dangerous to the pluralistic ethos of the world.  However, in their over enthusiasm to be the defenders of liberalism they often act like terror apologists and don’t leave any opportunity to aid the growth of radical Islam. However, all these liberals miserably failed in gauging the anger of the common man, whom they derisively call as ‘cattle class’, and gave excessive weightage to the views of the elite opinion makers. They never stop throwing stones at Modi and Trump and, while doing so, they invariably fail to realize the fact that politicians such as Modi and Trump are supremely astute and they have the innate knack to use all the stones thrown at them to build stairs for their political ascent.

The left-liberals, in their over enthusiasm to promote their outdated ideology, keep raving and ranting without realizing the fact that the world has taken a ‘right turn’ long ago. Donald Trump’s victory proves that the ‘right turn’ is indeed irreversible and the humanity will continue to move forward in the same direction. Because the people realized, though a bit late, that the left-liberal ideology will only make this world a precarious place to live, by giving more than enough leeway to the terrorists and other anti-social elements.

Now, what next? Will Trump declare a crusade against Muslims? Will he drive all the immigrants out of the US? Will he impose curbs on women and dehumanize them? Will he unleash a tempest of Islamophobic, xenophobic sentiments to trigger widespread riots and unrest all across the world as predicted by the left-liberals? It is highly unlikely. They said the same when Modi was inching nearer to 7, Race Course Road. However, nothing of that sort happened. In fact, people are happy with Modi’s corruption free governance. We can reasonably expect that the same will happen even in the US. Under Trump, the US may grow stronger and his leadership may contribute to the further strengthening of the Indo-US bilateral ties and cooperation.

To conclude, the liberals should stop crying over Trump’s victory and realize the fact that the world has taken an irreversible ‘right’ turn.  Unfortunately, their rant has not stopped even after people delivered their decisive verdict. They carried out protest demonstrations against Trump and they even have the audacity to declare that Trump is not their president. Somebody should remind them the phrase “Vox Populi, Vox Dei”, which means  “the voice of the people is the voice of God.” It is amply clear that their cause has run out of steam and frustration started haunting them. But they don’t have any other option except accepting the truth and reconciling themselves to it.

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