The Indian National Congress (INC), popularly known as Congress Party, which claims to have made India free from the British colonial rule, continues to get decimated from one state after another. The latest are Kerala and Assam. Only a few states remain in its hands, and even in those states it is on a sticky wicket and may lose them as and when elections will be held. It appears that the nation is inching closer to being a “Congress Mukt Bharat”, the cherished dream of a majority of Indians.

Congress is a Pvt Ltd Company fully owned by the Gandhis. 

The party has been a private limited company ever since its inception and Nehru-Gandhi family maintained its stranglehold on the party. They never allowed any other to grow and thoroughly marginalized those who challenged their hegemony. The family tightened its grip over the party after independence and started ruling the country as if they have an entitlement over the citadels of power.

They named too many things after the members of the family, and with the help of communists they managed to manipulate the county’s history. They converted almost all institutions into their fiefdoms by installing their sycophants in them. Their aim is to perpetuate family rule and thereby keep looting the nation’s resources.

The mind-boggling enormity of the scams that occurred during the UPA regime stands as a testimony to the party’s corrupt culture and mindset.  The educated, right-thinking  people are certainly fed up with the Congress Party and want it to die its natural death.

“Congress Mukt Bharat” is in the best interest of the country:

But many people feel that the threat of Congress still looms large over the nation. A country where a large number of people are either Illiterates or semi-literates, and where the cast and communal fault lines are very much persistent, the party may exploit the fragile situation to its advantage to bounce back to power. The educated, right thinking people should shed their disinterestedness in politics and should participate actively in the democratic discourse to repel the party’s efforts to regain power. Keeping Congress at bay is extremely important to secure the future generations, because it is a deadly virus which has the potential to eat into the vitals of the nation.

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