The moment we spot a disabled person the first emotion that strikes us is the sympathy. We visualize the hardships they might be passing through in their daily lives due to their disability. However, the ‘Divyags’ who participated in an event organized at Dell International Services, Hyderabad, proved that theyRead More →

Temples, though considered to be sacred by many people, have become the centers of unholy activities, especially money laundering. Nobody knows whether the presiding deities of these temples answer the prayers of the poor and the downtrodden who toil to earn their livelihood, but it appears that they certainly answerRead More →

Every year thousands of well-qualified teachers are recruited by various state governments in India to expand the educational network. However, not much discussion takes place as to why the public sector education system is in shambles, and why in spite of spending enormous amounts of taxpayer’s money to strengthen the public sector educationRead More →