If there is one great thing the people of post independent India have done, it is electing Narendra Modi as their prime minister. Their decision to put him in power has already started fetching them rich dividends. Ever since India became independent, except Nehru, who tried to instill modernism in the ultra-conservative, caste-ridden and superstition-infested Indian society, no other leader could bring about any qualitative change in Indian society. The fake ‘Gandhis’ and their sycophantic cohorts, who ruled the country for most of the time, ruined the country by giving a free hand to the looters and black money hoarders.

The former Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, who sold his soul to the ‘Satan’ (I assume that you know who the Satan is) and allowed the ceaseless loot that happened in front of his very eyes, could not come out of the satanic influence even after he was unseated from his position. He, instead of praising the courageous decision taken by Modi government, heaped criticism. The ruling party has rightly responded by saying that they are in fact working to clean up the black money dirt that got accumulated during his ignominious rule.

The toiling masses, who struggle hard to get two square meals a day and patiently waited in the expectation that they would one day get their share of the national income, finally see light at the end of the tunnel. However, the satanic forces, who got used to amassing ill-gotten wealth through scamming and looting are not able to digest the surgical strike conducted by the Modi-led government against black money. They are going hammer and tongs at the government, citing the reason that the public are subjected to a lot of inconvenience. An overwhelming majority of the commoners, though undergoing hardships, are appreciative of the demonetization decision taken by the government. However, the political parties, some newspaper columnists and other black money stashers, who are rattled to the core by the government’s decision, are up in arms and are blatantly and shamelessly opposing the bold and honest decision taken by an honest Prime Minister. Our ‘Puranas’ say in the ‘Kalyug’ the ‘Dharma’ limps ahead laboriously on just one foot. In the same manner, the Prime Minister’s courageous move is facing many hurdles from the ‘satanic’ elements who are bent on sabotaging his efforts to eradicate black money.

The most ironic thing is the behavior of the degenerated left parties. These parties, who claim themselves to be the defenders of the poor and the downtrodden, are shamelessly opposing the attempts to curb black money circulation. People in India no longer take the terminally-ill leftist forces seriously. They are well aware of the fact that it is only a matter of time before they fully vanished from the Indian political scene. However, their behavior is a clear indication as to how strong the forces of corruption and black money are in the country.

To conclude, the fight against corruption and black money is a long drawn out battle and the battle lines are drawn clearly. At this juncture, India is divided into two groups. One group supports Modi’s effort to unearth black money and the other group, which is an evil personified, bitterly opposes the move.  The dirty political creatures, who rolled in the cesspools of 2G, 3G, Common Wealth and Sarada scams, are gearing themselves up to create hurdles for black money cleanup program by calling for a ‘Bharat bandh’. The evil forces want status quo so that they can unhinderedly continue to loot the society and safely stash away their loot. This is the time for the toiling masses to stay vigilant against the evil designs of the rich and the powerful so that they can neutralize any attempt to sabotage the honest moves of the government.

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