450027-jallikattuThese days  there is a lot of talk going on about the Jallikattu. Jallikattu is a traditional bull baiting sport played in Tamil Nadu as part of Pongal, a Hindu harvest festival celebrated in many parts of India. Though it is often called a bull fight it is not like the Spanish bullfight, in which a matador uses a lance and kills the bull. In Jallikattu the matadors don’t use any weapons and the bulls are not killed. However, in 2014, the Supreme Court of India imposed a ban on it citing animal welfare issues.

4000 years old seal made of stone at Mohenjodaro which depicts Jallikattu Bull Baiting (Photo -National Museum, Delhi)

4000 years old seal made of stone at Mohenjodaro which depicts Jallikattu Bull Baiting (Photo -National Museum, Delhi)

Jallikattu is a sport which has more than 4,000 years of history and the tradition is deeply embedded in Tamil culture. Therefore, there was a stiff opposition to the ban on the sport. In view of the popularity of the sport and the stiff resistance to the imposition of the ban, the Union Government allowed the sport, subject to certain conditions. However, the most disgusting and laughter inducing argument against Jallikattu came up from the people who oppose the beef ban.

One of the people who opposed Jallikattu is the noted journalist Rajdeep Sardesai, who is well-known for his Madison Square Garden thuggery, and notorious for trashing anything and everything related to Hindu culture and traditions. Here is a tweet in which he opposes Jallikattu and foolishly compares it with ‘Sati’. Perhaps his ‘sickular’ mind doesn’t know the fact that ‘Sati’ was practiced by the Hindu women to escape the mass rape by Muslims during the Islamic invasions and it was a compulsion and not a tradition. He equated a compulsion to a tradition and used the opportunity to trash a traditional sport that too associated with a Hindu festival. These cowards can’t muster up enough courage to question the slow and painful slaughter of animals during Muslim festivals but keep ranting against Hindu customs and traditions.

And after reading Rajdeep’s response, if you are thinking that he is a great animal lover, who doesn’t want them to be subjected to any kind of inconvenience, you are gravely mistaken. Here is another tweet which shows his love for first-rate steaks.

And what about his wife, Sagarika Ghose?  Look at her vampirish tweet saying that she likes her non-veg ‘fresh and dripping blood’. So Rajdeep and his wife don’t like someone playing with bulls but they love someone who slaughters the same bulls and turns them into first-rate steaks and serves them on a platter. Awesome logic and argument!  And these are the people who speak about kindness towards animals.

Their real target is not Jallikattu. Their target is Hindu traditions. They want to trash anything related to the word Hindu and launch a frontal attack on it in order to show it in a poor light and finally stigmatize it. I just cited their case as an example. There are numerous hypocrites who love their steaks and non-veg ‘dripping in blood’ but prefer to shower infinite love on animals that too on select occasions. Unless Hindus are vigilant about their evil designs and try to expose them whenever they try to tarnish Hindu customs and traditions, they are going to have a free run.

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