Are Jihadists Swallowing the Far-left?


The far left, after their experiments with egalitarianism failed despite their brutal methods and genocides, found a new purpose for their existence. They started harboring Islamists. The exact reason for their behavior is still inexplicable. Many people wonder whether the establishment of Dar al-Islam and the imposition of Sharia on all the Kafirs will pave way for the making of an egalitarian society. The covert Jihadists all the world over claim themselves to be liberals, and in the liberal garb heap abuse on the people whom they treat as ‘Kafirs’.

When we think of Islamists the first thing that comes to our mind is the unimaginable atrocities they commit such as suppressing women, dehumanizing gays, killing people, transforming Madrasas into breeding grounds of terror, ethnic cleansings, genocides, threatening people with the imposition of Sharia and so on and so forth. Thanks to the fake narratives peddled by the far-left, Islamists are able to conceal their cruelty by posing as liberals-cum-human rights activists. It all happened because the Communists created a conducive atmosphere for the Islamists to exploit the free societies. Taking advantage of the situation Islamists started promoting Sharia and Caliphate.

The anti-Hindu poster displayed at Shaheen Bagh, where Islamists are organizing an Intifada. The poster depicts Hindu women in Burqa and the Hindu sacred symbol Swastika as smashed and disintegrating. It even features a poem penned by an Islamist who foresaw the destruction of idols. Image Credit: OpIndia

Take the example of the prevailing situation in India. In the aftermath of the enactment of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), which is intended to give citizenship to the persecuted minorities from the neighboring Islamic theocracies, the people associated with far-left passionately tried to spread fake news and indulged in rumor-mongering. They did it just to incite the Jihadist mobs. The mobs, who are obsessed with Ghazwa-e-Hind, took to streets and resorted to violence and arson damaging properties and injuring the innocent commuters and on-duty policemen. So, the post-CAA Jihadist uprising (Intifada) was initially sponsored and driven by the far-left. They wanted to use the CAA protests to stoke large scale unrest to destabilize the incumbent government. They wanted to peddle their fake narrative by painting the CAA protests as organic and secular in nature.

But it did not take much time for the Islamists to reveal their true colors. They started chanting explicitly Islamist and Hinduphobic slogans such as Hinduon Se Azaadi, La Ilaha Illallah, and Jinnah Wali Azadi, thus making their intentions clear. Despite these slogans, the left-liberals continued to shield them by resorting to blatant falsehood. But as the realization dawned on the people that these protests are being carried out with dangerous intentions to force another partition, the far left lost its face and slowly but steadily started retreating. Islamists, however, marched on with increased hate and vigor to realize their Jihadist dreams. They even started using women and children to drive their pernicious agenda.

Now the anti-CAA protests were completely taken over by the Islamists leaving no room for the far-left. Islamists, for the sake of their ‘Quam’ and to realize their ultimate objective of establishing ‘Dar al-Islam’ though ‘Ghazwa-e-Hind’, are not expected to budge, and continue their Intifada in the name of protecting the constitution. This is despite the fact that in many previous instances they vociferously proclaimed their preference for Sharia over the constitution.

The biggest losers in the entire episode are the far-left. Their mischievous attempt to portray a Jihadist uprising as an organic, secular protest fell flat. Fully exposed, they have nowhere to hide. Hence it is very clear that the Left-Islamist nexus, which has been controlling the socio-political narrative in India for long, is turning weaker. It appears that from now onwards the Jihadists have to move ahead alone in their fight for the establishment of Caliphate. And the silent majority, which has hitherto been confused, started seeing things clearly.

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