If anyone asks me “what is the most evil and monstrous force that has the potential to endanger the very existence of humanity on this earth, my answer will be, without any second thoughts, “Islamic Terror”. Yes… I emphasize “Islamic” terror. However, not everyone agrees with this idea. People are entitled to their opinions, and we, being part of a democratic society, respect all ideas and opinions.  But at the same time, we should not hesitate to contest their views just because they comply with the popular notions. The so-called moderate Muslims, communists and other pseudo-secularists, who don’t leave any opportunity to obfuscate with an intention to divert the attention from the heinous acts committed by terrorists, make banal and oft-repeated statements such as “Islam doesn’t have anything to do with this, terror doesn’t have any religion, terrorists are the enemies of Islam and Islam is the religion of peace”.

Now, what do all these statements reveal? These statements clearly reveal an inherent desire not to accept the truth and ceaselessly peddle lies. How do you explain the phenomenon otherwise? Why do all those people refuse to accept that the terror that is being unleashed all across the world in the name of Islam is actually a religion-inspired terror? Do they feel that terrorists follow a different version of Koran? A Muslim, whether he is an ordinary Muslim or a terrorist, follows the same version of Koran. How can they say that Islam doesn’t have anything to do with terror? The truth is, Islam is responsible for the violence that is being perpetrated on innocent people. Can anyone deny the truth that the Muslim clergymen such as Zakir Naik, who keeps peddling his ceaseless Jihadi rant 24×4 on his so-called “Peace” TV, is responsible for this never-ending and ghastly violence?

The sad thing is if anyone questions these terrorist atrocities they are being branded as islamophobes, xenophobes or racists. By branding the people who question, they are trying to stigmatize them and thereby scuttle their freedom of expression. But the moot question is how long will this continue? We can’t question the terrorists because they aren’t answerable to anyone. However, the so-called moderate Muslims, pseudo-secularists and communists who don’t leave any opportunity to defend Islamist terror and gained the reputation for being terror apologists, refuse to answer the question when the ceaseless mayhem in the name of Islam will come to an end.

The situation has reached such a stage where the moment I read about a violent attack and consequent loss of life I invariably come to a conclusion that the Islamic terrorists struck again, even before the complete facts emerge. And believe it or not, in 99% of cases my prediction comes true.

An Islamic terrorist either slits the throat or shoots a bullet or triggers a bomb explosion to take the lives of innocents. But the terror apologists, to fulfill their narrow self-interest, are creating a conducive atmosphere for the terrorists to continue the mayhem. They are making this earth a precarious place to live and they are not even letting the people question the violence perpetrated in the name of Islam.

So this is the time for the right thinking people to come together and raise their voice against Islamic Terror. We should make the terror apologists answer for all the atrocities and hold them responsible for each and every life that is lost in the violence. Unless and until we do that, truth is not going to prevail and the violence is not going to cease.

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