First they ask for cash and then reluctantly swipe your card.

My five-year-old daughter has been asking me to get her a toy scooter for a long time. I wanted to ...
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When will the ‘mango man’ get his share of the nation’s wealth?

While the world moves on, change is the only thing that appears constant. However, there are some things which seem ...
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Divyangs and their resilient lives.

The moment we spot a disabled person the first emotion that strikes us is the sympathy. We visualize the hardships ...
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Pic shows: Bride was covered in gold for the wedding in India.An Indian sweet maker made sure his daughter was the golden girl at her upcoming wedding by covering her in gold jewellery worth more than 400,000 GBP.The man who was not named nevertheless came under fire after it was revealed he needed a police guard to protect him and his daughter as they turned up covered in gold for the wedding in India's southern Andhra Pradesh state.Police spokesman Sandeep Kumar in Tirupati, a holy city known for its famous temple of Lord Vishnu, confirmed that the man and his daughter, who he declined to name, had worn gold jewellery throughout the ceremony.He said: "It is not a crime to wear such a large amount of gold, but there could have been a crime once people heard about it. We just wanted to make sure there were no problems in advance."The move was widely condemned on social media sites once the images from a mobile phone was shared, with people branding it both humiliating and shocking.Indians, one of the world's largest consumers of gold, spend huge amounts in buying gold jewellery for family weddings, and recently several wealthy Indians have been seen sporting shirts made out of solid gold thread.This father of the bride reportedly made his millions from selling confectionery in India.(ends)

India’s infatuation with gold is a social evil. It must be eradicated.

It is a fact universally known that Indians are very crazy about, or rather greedy for gold. Indian women are ...
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Want to launder money? #‘Pray’tmKaro.

Temples, though considered to be sacred by many people, have become the centers of unholy activities, especially money laundering. Nobody ...
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Don’t brand every inter-religious marriage as part of ‘Love Jihad’.

The issue of Love Jihad has once again started hitting headlines. This time the bone of contention is the love ...
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Will humans ever be able to live without the God delusion?

Robert Maynard Pirsig, an American writer and philosopher, says “when one person suffers from a delusion it is called insanity ...
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Those who called for ‘Bharat Bandh’ against demonetization are evil personified.

If there is one great thing the people of post independent India have done, it is electing Narendra Modi as ...
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The myopic opposition walks into Modi’s binary trap.

Ever wondered what is Prime Minister Modi’s strength? It is none other than his blind and myopic detractors. They simply ...
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It appears that post demonetization, terrorists, politicians and the media are the worst hit.

Many people underestimate the magnitude of Prime Minister Modi’s demonetization decision. Initially, I felt that it is an astute decision ...
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