Don’t brand every inter-religious marriage as part of ‘Love Jihad’.

The issue of Love Jihad has once again started hitting headlines. This time the bone of contention is the love ...
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Will humans ever be able to live without the God delusion?

Robert Maynard Pirsig, an American writer and philosopher, says “when one person suffers from a delusion it is called insanity ...
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Those who called for ‘Bharat Bandh’ against demonetization are evil personified.

If there is one great thing the people of post independent India have done, it is electing Narendra Modi as ...
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The myopic opposition walks into Modi’s binary trap.

Ever wondered what is Prime Minister Modi’s strength? It is none other than his blind and myopic detractors. They simply ...
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It appears that post demonetization, terrorists, politicians and the media are the worst hit.

Many people underestimate the magnitude of Prime Minister Modi’s demonetization decision. Initially, I felt that it is an astute decision ...
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How demonetization impacted my family?

I’m a salaried employee working for a private sector company located in Hyderabad. I and my wife lead a thrifty ...
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Modi’s demonetization leaves the black money hoarders gasping for breath.

What do politicians do to stick to their ‘kursis’? They spend most of their time playing to the galleries with ...
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Dear liberals, don’t cry over Trump’s victory. It was destined to happen.

They accused him of being a racist, islamophobe, xenophobe, male chauvinist pig, and what not. Media, which did not hide ...
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If Sharia law is indeed divine, it must be applied to all Muslims in toto.

A heated debate is going on in the Indian political and religious circles as to whether Muslim personal law needs ...
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Is the Supreme Court right in saying Hinduism is not a religion?

The Supreme Court, in its judgement delivered in 1995, maintained that Hinduism is a way of life rather than just ...
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